Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I sign up?

You can join Instant References to send and receive employment references from your peers and as well as your past and future employers. We will not ask for any fee for the service. Sign up to get started on maintaining your job references and recommendation letters.

How many characters can a user name or ID contain?

The user name or ID can be of any length but to up to a limit of 50 characters. It can contain a combination of characters such as capital or lower case letter, numbers. We suggest that you pick a user name that you can easily remember.

How many characters can a password contain?

The password has to be at-least six characters long. It has to contain a capital letter and a number. This is just to prevent predictable and common words which can easily guessed by other people.

Can I use fake alias as my name?

Your professional references are important, you will have to use your legal name for your profile. Other user can search for you only by your legal name. You colleague can easily search for your profile by typing in your real name.

How many profiles can a user possess?

A member is only allowed just ONE profile. More than one profile is strictly prohibited. If we find out that a user is using more than one profile, one of those profiles will be automatically deleted. Any repeated offender of more than one profile will be suspended for some times and/or banned permanently.

How do I communicate with other members?

You can send private messages to other members.

Can I prevent other member from seeing my profile?

Yes, you can do so. During the sign up process, you can either select you profile to be private or public. If you select private, all members will have to request to see your profile. If you select public, any member can just search for your name to view your profile as well as your uploaded file. In either case, your job references and recommendation letters be confidential.

Can other members see my references without my consent?

All members will have to get permission from you before they can see or read any of your references. It does not matter if you set your profile as public or private. You will have full control of your references. You will be able to select which of your references to send to send to a particular member.

Can I read any of my references?

No, you will not be permitted to read any of your peer references under any circumstances!!! All of your professional references will remain confidential. You can view the questions but, you cannot view or see any of the answers.

Can any other member leave a reference for me?

No, before a member can leave a job reference or recommendation letter for you, the member will first need your permission. If you don't know a member, just don't accept a request from that person. Remember, you will not be able to view the answers to your own peer or job references.

How many references can I have under my profile?

You can have up to six combine job references and recommendation letters under your profile at one time.

How do I obtain a reference?

You can obtain a job reference by asking other members that you know. You can also ask your colleagues to sign up in order to leave a reference for you. The other way to get a reference, another member can ask you for permission to leave a reference for you.

Will I be able to delete any of my peer references or recommendation letter?

Yes, you can delete any of your references at any time. You may replace any of your job references or employment references with other ones from other members.

How long can I keep my peer references and/or recommendation letters?

You can keep a job reference for up to two years. The members or colleagues who wrote a peer reference for you can edit that particular reference can be edited at any time without your permission. If a professional reference is edited, the two year time frame will reset from the date that the edit occurred.

How long does the permission that I gave to other members to view any of my professional references last?

Once you granted a permission to view any of your job references, the member will have up to 48 hours to view the particular job reference or professional references. Once the 48 hours time limit expired, the member will have to ask for another permission to view the same references again.

What are the categories of professional reference?

There are five categories of references. General, Business, Health care, Legal and Custom. The general reference can be used for most people or positions/titles such as retails, restaurants, supermarket, pharmaceuticals, Laboratory technician employees.... The Business reference can be used for anyone with a business related degree such as accountant, bankers, managers, pharmaceuticals..... The Health care references can be used for anyone who works in the health care field with direct patient contact such as physicians, physician assistants, Nurse practitioners, Nurses... The Legal reference can be used by anyone in the legal field such as Paralegals, Judges, lawyers.... The Custom reference is can be used for anyone. Professional recommendation letters can also be written under that section. It can be customized for any job position. The person who is leaving the reference will have to type the reference in a paragraph format. A blank space is provided where the person can type, copy and paste the job reference or recommendation letter.

What kind of reference can I leave for a member?

The member can suggest the category of reference to fill for him or her. Please read the questionnaires in the categories that you think may be most suitable for you. Then, you can make a recommendation about which category of reference to the person that is filling out the reference for you.